Design, manufacture, service and installation of professional industrial cranes

Metal processing industry and welding

All steel processing plants, and welders in particular, use various industrial cranes.
The load capacity of the cranes depends on the weight of the finished products and the production processes.
The use of the crane is particularly suitable for the following procedures:

  • unloading and handling of incoming semi-products (sheet metal, rolled profiles, tubes)
  • servicing of welding worksites, especially with slewing jib cranes, which are most suited
  • end-processing, rotation of long pieces and loading onto the means of transport

Magnetic and vacuum lifters are supplied as auxiliary equipment that can be hung on the lift hook.

We offer the opportunity to locksmiths to create a bridge crane and a crane rail way based on our plans and our comprehensive crane equipment (the so-called kran-kit), whereby we supervise the process.

Read more about the “crane kit” at the link below: /crane-kit

Metal processing industry and welding