Design, manufacture, service and installation of professional industrial cranes

Tool industry

Most commonly, cranes in the tool industry are used for hoisting and moving tools at the time of production.
In assembling and maintaining heavy tools, which sometimes need to be rotated with the help of a crane, the latter is fitted with a double hoist (the tandem hoist option). In tandem hoists, the second hoist is usually of a smaller load capacity as compared to the main one.

The following is typical for the industrial cranes in this sector:

– Precise positioning of the tool is required, which is assured by the frequency regulation of the load hook (at low operating speed)
– Radio controls, which can allow for selecting hoists with a switch for the operating mode and enabling hoist I, hoist II or both hoists I + II simultaneously.

The most common industrial cranes:
– bridge cranes,
– gantry cranes,
– jib cranes
– light bridge cranes.

Tool industry