Design, manufacture, service and installation of professional industrial cranes

Construction material production

In the production of construction materials various bridge cranes are used, which can be divided into two groups:

  • Technological cranes for the transport and preparation of raw materials (e.g. technological bridge cranes which are fitted with grabs)
  • Service cranes for installation and maintenance of equipment.

Service cranes are usually single rail or monorail cranes with chain blocks or rope hoists.
The cranes are often installed at high altitude, making them difficult to access and exposed to high temperatures and dust. For extreme altitudes of above 40 m, specifically designed rope hoists are used.
Single-rail cranes often have a curved track, as they have to avoid obstacles in the building, in which case the electricity is supplied through a closed conductor system.
It is recommended to install a closed conductor system with additional seals in particularly difficult operating conditions.
Useful for:

  • lime production
  • cast production
  • production of insulating material
  • semi-finished concrete products

Cement production and building materials