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Terms and conditions

The seller provides the buyer with all the information regarding all contact information, the ordering process, the deadline and the method of delivery, the technical characteristics of the items on offer, the payment terms and prices, as well as on the possible withdrawal from the contract and the cost of returning the product.


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The seller or the provider:  INDENNA DVIGALA d.o.o., tax identification number: SI17178258


Buyer: any natural or legal person that buys products from the seller’s range in the INDENNA DVIGALA online shop, either as a guest or as a registered user.


User: any natural person or a person acting on behalf of a legal entity, that is present on the website of the INDENNA DVIGALA online shop.

The purpose of the general terms and conditions of the INDENNA DVIGALA online shop is to clearly define the sales conditions between the seller and the respective buyer, as well as to determine the operation of the INDENNA DVIGALA online shop. According to the contract, a buyer is understood to be any natural or legal person making a purchase at the INDENNA DVIGALA website, regardless of whether it is a natural person / consumer or not.


These general terms and conditions are drawn up in accordance with the applicable regulations of the Republic of Slovenia and apply to all users of this website.


By using this website and by registering in the INDENNA DVIGALA online shop, the user accepts the general terms and conditions of the INDENNA DVIGALA online shop and confirms being aware of these conditions and agreeing with them. If the buyer should do not agree with these conditions, the seller suggests that they should restrain from making use of the online shop INDENNA DVIGALA.


The Indenna dvigala online shop is managed by the limited company Indenna dvigala d.o.o. (short title), tax identification number: SI17178258, company registration number. 1606042000, registered at the District Court in Ljubljana under the entry serial number 1/35180/00.


The General Terms and Conditions address the operation of the Indenna dvigala online shop, the user / buyer rights and the business relationship between the seller and the buyer. They can be supplemented or changed at any time; hence, the buyer should read them at each purchase. Each amended or modified version of the General Terms and Conditions of the Indenna dvigala online shop is equipped with a date, based on which the version of the General Terms and Conditions that was published at the time of ordering applies to the order, respectively.

The seller undertakes to always provide the buyer with the following information:


  • identity of the company offering goods (name and registered office of the company, registration number),
  • contact details that enable the user to communicate quickly and efficiently (e-mail, telephone),
  • key characteristics of the goods or services (including after-sales services and guarantees),
  • availability of products (any product or service offered on the website should be available within the period chosen by the buyer based on the options offered by the provider),
  • conditions of delivery of the products or the service (method, place and time of delivery),
  • all prices must be clearly and unambiguously set,
  • method of payment and delivery,
  • the period within which it is still possible to withdraw from the contract and the conditions for withdrawal; in addition, also information on the possibility and cost of product returns, based on a special or explicit request of the buyer,
  • complaint procedure outline, including all details of the relevant contact person or the customer service.

Due to the nature of online business, the offer of the Indenna dvigala online shop is frequently and quickly updated and changed.

Orders in the Indenna dvigala online shop  are carried out online in the Slovenian language, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The items are selected and ordered from the list of items on the website. All items listed on the Indenna dvigala online shop are available until stocks last. Prices are marked as “online prices”.


Online prices are prices that apply to online sales and may differ from the prices in the retailer’s retail business unit.


Prices are valid at the time of placing the order and do not have a predetermined validity period. They are subject to change without notice. Prices are expressed in euros (€) and already include the value added tax (VAT). The seller is a taxable legal person. The buyer pays for the goods in cash upon personal collection, upon the delivery of the goods by post or by a proforma invoice.


Despite the tendency to provide the most up-to-date and accurate data, price information may be inaccurate. Should this be the case, or in the event that the price of the item changes during the processing of the order, the seller shall allow the buyer to withdraw from the purchase, while also offering the buyer a solution that allows for the satisfaction of both parties.


Payments made by proforma invoices shall not give rise to any interest.


Before completing the order, the shopping cart displays the price of the product, the value of VAT and the postage costs.

While the Slovenian post Pošta Slovenije d.d. is the contractual partner for delivery, the seller reserves the right to choose another delivery service, should it be able to fulfil the order more efficiently.


We only deliver to Slovenia.


The goods ordered shall be delivered to the address specified by the buyer. Items can also be collected in person at our collection point at Prevale 7, 1236 Trzin.


The delivery is usually done in the mornings. In the event that the buyer is unable to pick up the package at the agreed time, the courier leaves a written notice to pick up the package at the local branch of Pošta Slovenije d.d. The deadline for package collection is set out in the general conditions for the provision of the universal postal service.


The seller reserves the right to refuse the delivery of goods to any buyer with outstanding past orders or in legal dispute with the provider regarding the purchase through the online shop Indenna dvigala, or if the buyer is abusing the right to return goods in accordance with Article 43(č) of the Consumer Protection Act.


The seller or their authorized delivery service reserve the right to verify the identity of the recipient of the ordered products in an appropriate manner (by access to personal or other documents), as this ensures that the items are delivered to the right customer.

Delivery costs are not included in the price of the items, but are stated when calculating the value of the order before the electronic confirmation of the order, as well as on the invoice. Delivery costs are calculated according to the valid price list of the contractual partner Pošta Slovenije d.d., depending on the size and weight of the product and the distance to the customer, respectively.

The seller undertakes to deliver the goods to the buyer as soon as possible.


Delivery time varies, but as a rule it is up to 3 working days from the date of the order for items in stock. For products out of stock at the time of ordering, the delivery time is extended accordingly, of which the seller shall notify the buyer by e-mail or telephone. If the buyer does not agree with the delivery time proposed, they have the right to withdraw from the order immediately.


If an order is paid by a proforma invoice, the goods are sent after receipt of the purchase price on the seller’s bank account.


If the seller sends off the items ordered within the agreed period, they are not responsible for any delays caused by package delivery contractual partners due to any reasons.

If so stated on the warranty card or the invoice, the items come with a warranty. The warranty is valid when following the instructions on the warranty card and upon submission of the invoice. Warranty periods are stated on the warranty card or on the invoice. Information about the warranty is also provided on the product presentation page. If there is no warranty information, the item does not have a warranty or the information is not known at the respective time. In the latter case the buyer can contact the seller, who will provide up-to-date information.


Product faults occur very rarely. If the buyer considers that the purchased items did not have the properties necessary for their normal use or handling, or in other cases specified as product faults by the Consumer Protection Act, the buyer shall notify the seller correctly and no later than within two months of the day on which the fault was discovered. The buyer shall describe the fault in detail in the notice with the aim to facilitate the handling of the matter; they shall allow the seller to inspect the item. The seller shall resolve product faults and complaints in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Obligations and the Consumer Protection Act.

Customers can notify complaints and returns of items to the e-mail address of the online shop.

Prodajalec se zavezuje, da bo vse osebne podatke uporabnikov in kupcev varoval, obdeloval  in hranil v skladu z določili Zakona o varstvu osebnih podatkov.

Spletna stran za naročilo artiklov in prenosi so zaščiteni in ustrezno tehnično oz. elektronsko varovani. Prodajalec se zavezuje, da bo sprejel vse razumne varnostne ukrepe za zagotovitev varnosti vseh podatkov za plačilo pri naročilu kupca, ne odgovarja pa za morebitno krajo podatkov, razen če ta izhaja iz malomarnega ravnanja prodajalca.

Prodajalec za zakonsko določen čas hrani IP naslove vseh uporabnikov spletne trgovine Indenna dvigala, pri registriranih članih pa tudi: ime in priimek, elektronski naslov, kontaktna telefonska številka, faks številka, naslov prebivališča in naslov za dostavo, čas in datum registracije, arhiv komunikacije s prodajalcem.

Prodajalec bo osebne podatke uporabil izključno za potrebe izpolnitve naročila (pošiljanje informativnega gradiva, ponudb, računov) in ostalo potrebno komunikacijo. Uporabnikovi podatki v nobenem primeru ne bodo predani nepooblaščenim osebam.

Prodajalec bo osebne podatke uporabljal tudi za namene neposrednega trženja in proučevanja nakupnih navad na podlagi podatkov o kupljenih izdelkih in posledično ciljnega trženja. Uporabnik lahko kadarkoli pisno zahteva, da prodajalec trajno ali začasno preneha uporabljati osebne podatke in podatke o nakupih za prej navedene namene.

Upravljavec zbirke osebnih podatkov je družba Indenna dvigala d.o.o. in v njej zaposlene osebe, ki z bazo kot pooblaščene upravljajo. Za potrebe izvajanja programa, analize in različnih poizvedb upravljavec lahko sodeluje z zunanjimi partnerji, s katerimi ima sklenjene ustrezne pogodbe o varovanju osebnih podatkov.

Za varovanje osebnih podatkov je odgovoren tudi uporabnik oz. kupec sam, in sicer tako, da poskrbi za varnost svojega uporabniškega imena in gesla ter za ustrezno programsko (protivirusno) zaščito svojega informacijskega sistema.

Šteje se, da uporabnik s sprejetjem splošnih pogojev poslovanja spletne trgovine Indenna dvigala in z zaključeno registracijo daje izrecno osebno privolitev za uporabo in obdelavo njegovih osebnih podatkov. Na podlagi te njegove privolitve sme upravljavec osebne podatke obdelovati za namene, določene v tej točki.

Uporabnik oz. kupec s sprejetjem teh splošnih pogojev poslovanja potrjuje tudi, da je seznanjen s pravico do vpogleda, prepisa, kopiranja, dopolnitve, popravka, blokiranja in izbrisa osebnih podatkov, ki se nanašajo nanj, v skladu z vsakokrat veljavno zakonodajo, ki ureja varstvo osebnih podatkov.

The seller shall contact the user through any means of distance communication only if the user does not explicitly object to this, and in accordance with the provisions of the Electronic Communications Act (Zakon o elektronskih komunikacijah – ZEKom-1).


The seller’s advertising emails shall contain the following:

  • they shall be clearly and unambiguously marked as advertising messages,
  • the sender shall be clearly visible,
  • any campaigns, promotions and other marketing techniques shall be marked as such. The conditions for participating in them shall also be clearly defined,
  • the method of unsubscribing from receiving advertising messages shall be clearly visible,
  • the user’s wish not to receive advertising messages shall be explicitly respected by the seller.

Reviews and user comments and ratings of products written by users or customers are a part of the functionality of the shop and intended for the user community. The seller allows any online shop user to contribute their opinion. After reviewing, the seller shall delete any opinions or contributions, which might be offensive in any way, or if the seller judges that such contributions do not benefit other users and visitors. By submitting an opinion or comment, the user explicitly agrees to these terms and allows the seller to publish a part or the whole of the text in all electronic and any other media. The seller has the right to use the content indefinitely and for any purpose that is in their financial interest, including the publication in advertisements or in other marketing communications. The author of any opinion also states and ensures owning the material and moral rights of any written opinions and comments, and that these rights are transferred to the seller exclusively and indefinitely.

The seller makes every effort to ensure the up-to-datedness and correctness of the information published on their pages. Nevertheless, the characteristics of the items, the delivery time or the price may change so quickly that the seller fails to correct the information on the website. In such cases, the seller shall notify the buyer of the changes and allow them to withdraw from the order or replace the ordered item, or shall offer the buyer a solution that allows for the satisfaction of both parties.



The seller shall endeavour to ensure the appropriate photos for all the items sold on the website, but any photos are only illustrative. In the event of any difference between the photo and the actual item offered, this does not affect the specification of the respective item. Any decorative objects in a photo are not included in the offer are not subject of the contract. Any materials (photos, badges and other) are under copyright and owned by the manufacturer an authorized partner for each category.


The seller is not responsible for the content of opinions on items as written by users. The seller is not responsible for any information in the opinions and disclaims any liability arising from any information in the opinions.

The user can make a purchase in the online shop Indenna dvigala as a guest or as a registered user. The latter is registered by obtaining a username, which is identical to the user’s e-mail address, and a password as chosen by the user themselves. The username and password of the user are unambiguously determined and linked to the data entered, so that the registered user is no longer required to enter the necessary personal data upon further logins to the online shop of the company Indenna dvigala. Registration is also possible during the purchase process.


If the registered user wishes to change their e-mail address at any time later, they should send a request to ??????. The e-mail address shall be changed on the same or the next working day at the latest, and the user shall be notified by e-mail.


The easiest navigation through the Indenna dvigala online shop is according to the product categories. It is also possible to use the search option throughout the shop. When searching for an item, please type into the search engine type a word that denotes a partial denomination of the wanted item or a word that is used in the description of the desired item.


Please choose a product by clicking “Add to cart”. Check the selected items in the cart by clicking on “My cart” and when you continue or complete the purchase, you will be automatically redirected to the page to choose whether you wish to make the purchase as a “Guest” or as a “Registered user”.



By clicking “Add to cart”, the customer declares:


  • being older than 18 years, as required by law,
  • not having been deprived of legal capacity.



Before purchasing, customers should enter the required contact information (name and surname / title of the legal entity, address of residence / registered office of the legal entity, phone number, e-mail address), which are needed to confirm and complete the order and the delivery of the product. At least one valid phone number should be provided.


If the message is forwarded successfully, the website displays “The order was placed successfully”. Additionally, the customer is sent an email with the details of the order to the email address entered by them during the order process.



The sales contract is saved electronically on the seller’s server and is accessible to any customer who is a “Registered user” at any time in their user profile. A “Guest” buyer can access the purchase contract by contacting the seller’s contact person at the e-mail address or by telephone number 01 542 14 13. It is kept for the period required for the storage of such documents, in accordance with positive legislation and accounting standards.


The purchase contract between the seller and the buyer is concluded in the online shop Indenna dvigala at the moment when the seller sends the buyer the first electronic message on their order status.


After placing the order, the buyer shall receive an e-mail (with the title Confirmation of receipt of the order) with the details of the order and with the notice that the order has been placed and recorded. From that moment on, all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply to both the seller and the buyer. In the above-mentioned e-mail, the buyer shall also be informed about the right to withdraw from the contract (applies only to consumers, i.e. buyers who are natural persons), and the contact point in case of delays in deliveries or complaints.


A registered user on the website of the online shop Indenna dvigala always has access to comprehensive information on the status and content of the contract. The seller shall check the order as well as the availability of the products ordered, upon which the order is confirmed or rejected with a reason. The seller can contact the buyer by telephone to their contact number in order to verify any data or to ensure the accuracy of delivery. When supplying any items that the seller does not have in stock in their own warehouse, the latter is bound to their supplier and the deadlines in which the supplier can deliver the respective product to the seller. The seller shall keep the buyer promptly informed regarding the supply of items. If the delivery period is very long and the buyer does not want to wait, the buyer can let the seller know. The latter shall remove the respective item from the contract and return any funds the buyer has already paid. The buyer chooses whether to have the remaining items of the contract delivered or cancel the entire order. Should the supplier not confirm the availability of the ordered items to the seller no later than by the expiry of one month from the date of the contract, the seller may refuse the order of the buyer by reasoning that the respective product is not available. On the day of the rejection, the order of the buyer expires. The seller assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by long delivery periods or due to non-delivery of items that the seller does not have in stock in their own warehouse.


The seller prepares and dispatches the item or prepares it for collection within the agreed deadline and notifies the buyer by e-mail.


Orders placed are processed every working day, i.e. from Monday to Friday from 7.00 am to 3.00 pm, in the order of orders placed.


A purchase made through the website of the online shop Indenna dvigala is considered a purchase made in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia.

  • Payment is only possible by a proforma invoice.
  • Delivery by the contractual delivery company Pošta Slovenije d.d.
  • Personal collection upon prior notice to the seller.
  • Payment by bank transfer to the seller’s business account according to the offer / proforma invoice.




For individual orders, the seller reserves the right to request payments by bank transfer to the seller’s business account according to the offer / proforma invoice.

The seller shall send to the buyer an invoice with a breakdown of costs in the pdf format to their email address no later than on the day of delivery or collection of the items ordered. In case of collection at the collection point, the buyer submits a printed invoice to the seller for the items purchased, thus demonstrating the order and the right to collect the ordered goods.

The buyer is kept informed of details about the online order to the e-mail address provided in the shopping cart when entering their information. If the customer does not receive an email with this information, there is a possibility that they have given the wrong email address. Should this happen, the buyer is asked to contact us:

  • on the e-mail address 
  • or on the telephone number: +386 (0)1 542 14 13

The buyer (natural person) has the right to return the goods purchased within fifteen (15) days without stating the reason for their decision. The buyer must submit to the seller a written withdrawal statement, sent to the e-mail address or by regular mail to the seller’s address. A declaration of withdrawal shall be deemed timely, if it is submitted within the time limit set for withdrawal from the contract. The buyer must send the goods undamaged, in unaltered quantity and in the original packaging to the seller within fifteen (15) days of the notification of withdrawal from the contract, unless the goods are destroyed, damaged, lost or their quantity has decreased without the buyer’s fault. The buyer may not freely use the goods until the withdrawal from the contract or the return, and is responsible for reducing the value of the goods when resulting from a conduct that is not strictly necessary to determine the nature, the properties and the functioning of the goods. The buyer should equip the declaration of withdrawal with a copy of the invoice attached and provide information on the bank account to which the seller shall return the payments already made. The return option does not apply to goods, the value of which depends on the developments in the financial markets over which the seller has no influence.


The only cost borne by the consumer regarding the withdrawal is the direct cost of returning the goods. The seller shall reimburse the entire purchase price within fourteen (14) days of receiving the goods.


In exceptional cases, when the items are not returned in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (Zakon o varstvu potrošnikov – ZVPot), the seller may offer the consumer to purchase of the item with the appropriate compensation, which is determined by a note upon return. Discounted buy-off shall be valid upon e-mail confirmation by the consumer. The consumer can use the amount of the buy-off only for ordering another item of the same or higher value.


The buyer chooses the equipment and decides at their own risk based on the technical information available online. Should the buyer be unsure of their own choice, it is recommended that they submit a written request defining the purpose of the goods.


Reasons for any return of goods should be duly justified, such as non-compliance with technical data or incomplete delivery.

If the buyer does not collect or accept ordered items, sent to be paid for upon delivery, which are returned to the company after the expiry of the waiting period at the post office (14 days), the latter is not considered a withdrawal from the contract, because the contract is still validly concluded, while the buyer has withdrawn from it unilaterally and unannounced. Therefore, the buyer is responsible for paying the shipping and the cost of sending / returning the items to the company, since the contract, i.e. the order is not terminated. In any case of non-collection, the items shall be transferred to the legal department, which will further handle the payment and recovery of costs and damages incurred. In the event that the customer orders the goods intending to pay upon delivery, but does not collect the items, any subsequent orders can only be delivered if items are paid for by a proforma invoice and any old obligations have been settled.


Any objections, remarks, requests, statements and complaints can be sent by the user or the buyer by e-mail to the e-mail address or in writing to the address Indenna dvigala, Prevale 7, 1236 Trzin. Any objections, comments, claims and complaints shall be resolved in accordance with the provisions of applicable law.


The seller shall confirm the receipt of the complaint within five working days and inform the user how long the processing shall take; they shall also keep the user informed about the progress of the procedure. The seller shall strive to resolve any disputes amicably.


The District Court in Ljubljana has jurisdiction for any disputes arising from the use of the web portal and from these general terms and conditions, which the provider and the user would not be able to settle by agreement.

The company Indenna dvigala d.o.o. complies with the applicable consumer protection legislation. The company Indenna dvigala d.o.o. endeavours to make every effort to fulfil its duty to ensure an effective complaint handling system.


In case of difficulties, buyers can contact the seller at Indenna dvigala by phone on the telephone number 01 542 14 13 or by e-mail at Complaints are submitted via the e-mail address The complaint procedure is confidential.


The company Indenna dvigala d.o.o. recognizes that the essential characteristic of consumer disputes is the disproportion between the economic value of the claim and the required time and cost incurred as a result of resolving the dispute, which is the main obstacle for the consumer not to initiate proceedings before the court. Therefore, the company endeavours to make every effort to resolve any disputes amicably.


Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes


In accordance with legal norms, the company Indenna dvigala d.o.o. does not recognize any provider of out-of-court settlements of consumer disputes as competent for resolving consumer disputes that could be initiated by consumers in accordance with the Act on the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes.


The company Indenna dvigala d.o.o., a provider of goods and services that operates the online shop in the Republic of Slovenia, publishes an electronic link on its website to the platform for online dispute resolution for consumer disputes . The platform is available to consumers on the following link:


The regulation above stems from the Act on the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes and the Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No. 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC.


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