Design, manufacture, service and installation of professional industrial cranes

Chemistry, pharmacy, food-processing industry

Production processes where large bags need to be transported and where processes of dosage and mixing occur, it is customary to employ monorail cranes or slewing jib cranes of up to 3 200 kg load capacity.

In the above-mentioned industry branches, there is a big need for service cranes to maintain the equipment (pumps, mixers, filters …), which is usually handled by simple monorail cranes with manual or electric hoist manipulation.

Often there is also a need for lifting equipment with adequate explosion protection, in accordance with the ATEX standards for zone EX (dust and gas).

We have installed examples of above-mentioned cranes in companies producing:
– medicines
– powders
– synthetic materials
– cheese and dairy products
– dye mixing facilities
Food –processing industry

Chemistry, pharmacy, food-processing industry