Design, manufacture, service and installation of professional industrial cranes

Technical support for designers and architects

Integration of the crane into a building is a demanding task for designers and architects.
When designing a new facility or reconstructing an old building, we provide technical support through:
– advice on the selection of an appropriate industrial crane
– preparing a project of the crane design and the crane track
– transmitting the load of the crane to the building and the use of electricity
– preparing a budget proposal for an investment plan.

To be able to offer the best support possible, we ask for the following information:
– construction plans and documentation of the building in pdf or dwg format (Autocad)
– information concerning the crane (as much as possible):

  • load capacity
  • purpose and frequency of the intended use
  • number of cranes on the crane rails and length of lines
  • span
  • height of rails, if not evident from the documentation
  • place and estimated time of implementation