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Light bridge crane

Category: Industrial cranes

Light bridge crane

Light bridge crane is composed of standard components, which can be assembled to form a desired crane or a system of several light cranes, covering several working posts.

The maximum load capacity is limited to 2 000 kg within the 10 m range.

All crane and hoist movements are manual (by pushing), with the raising and lowering being automatic.

Light cranes are more suited to being produced classically, using steel profiles, due to:

- better possibilities of combinations and adaptability to the facility itself and the production circumstances
- easy installation into existing facilities
- low installation costs due to one-day-assembly
- simple extension - lengthening or adaptation or moving to a new location
- pushing the load can be done for up to 2 000 kg capacity, where only the power-drive is automatic, which considerably reduces the cost of the investment considerably