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Radio controls F23-8D-10 (magnum)

Radio controls F23-8D-10 (magnum)

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Radio controls are a way of optimising the operation of cranes and machines:

* if you wish to replace the cabin crane controls by ground controls,
* suspension controls on bridge cranes are often damaged by collisions with devices in the production process,
* if the crane operator should avoid the load and operate the crane from a safe distance.

All Telecrane Italia Silver Line models are available for fast delivery, in a Twin version and with two transmitters included.

The transmitter is usually the most exposed part of the radio controls, as it can be damaged or lost. According to statistics, more than 90% of interferences are caused by a transmitter.

With the Telecrane Italia Twin, all you have to do is turn on the start button of the second transmitter to start the radio controls, thus avoiding any possible cost due to stopping the machine.